Spring 2016:

Ceramic Sculpture: Breaking The Rules

April 7-June 2, Thursdays, 9:30-1:30, Main Line Art Center

Take your work to the next level by using unique surface techniques and introducing found objects into your pieces.For inspiration, we will look to artists who weren't afraid to break the rules. Non-traditional sculpture surfaces will be explored, as well as wire and fabric dipping in slip. Using the extruder and hand building techniques, you will bring your ideas to life. 

Decals: Images on Clay Workshop

May 21 9:30-12:30, Main Line Art Center

Transferring images to clay is an exciting process that will take your artwork to a whole new level.Whether you use photos drawings or downloaded images, you will learn how to make and apply this unique process.

Camera to Clay

April 21- May 12, Thursdays 6:30-9:30, Main Line Art Center

Main Line Art Center

Two artists, one class. In thew first two sessions, Gilliam Pokala with teach you how to take your images from your desktop to silkscreen. In the second two sessions, Sharon Bartmann will show how to silkscreen onto your clay using underglazes. Collaging and layering images onto clay can give your work a whole new dimension

Hand building with a Twist

April 15-June 10, Fridays, 9:30-12:30, Wayne Art Center

Using hand building techniques and our imaginations, we will explore various ways to go beyond basic hand building. By looking at a variety of ceramic artists, we will look at alternative decorative surfaces such as oxides, slips, stains and non glaze techniques. By exploring and adding other mediums to your creations, we will take your pieces to the next level. Instruction and demos are geared towards each individual's ideas. We will explore using various wires and metals in our pieces, as well as dipping wire forms in liquid clay. First Bag of Clay, all Glazes and Firings Included in Tuition.