Artist Bio:

Growing up my happiest moments were hiking in the mountains with my family and puttering side by side with my father in his workshop/studio”. As Sharon got older, her Saturday mornings were spent at the local flea markets with her father. All of these experiences combined into a love for making things with her hands and objects with a past and a story. 

After getting a degree in Journalism/Communications, Sharon found herself wondering into the art department and apprenticing in graphic design and art direction. Sharon spent almost 20 years in the field, with her last five years as Art Director of the Philadelphia Zoo.

Taking a break from the field, after giving birth to her third daughter, she realized she wanted to get back to the love of working with her hands. She did a career switch into the world of clay. This process was discovered while taking classes with her girls at the local art center. 

Today, she is on the faculty and runs various programs at the art center while still exploring the world of clay and mixed media. Although she is mainly self taught, Sharon has taken various classes and workshops in clay, metals, print making and brought all of these to her current work. Her sculptures combine found objects, clay and mixed media. They reflect her home life, her daughters and life’s transitions.


Artist Statement:

“A beauty of things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete” — Wabi-Sabi

By bringing found objects and other mediums into my work, it has allowed me to expand my vision. I have always found myself drawn to that which is imperfect, rusted and worn. I wonder what placement the object had in its past and the possibilities it has for the future. As a child I grew up in an urban area with many vacant lots. Those areas became an endless space of creativity. As an adult and artist, I am still inspired by those abandoned, derelict spaces where the imagination is free to roam. It’s the lack of obvious beauty and undefined territory that allows for the creative process. 

My mixed media paintings convey transitions in my life. As my children grow into adults, my role as a mother has evolved. I bring the emotion of this journey to my pieces. Every facet of our lives gives us a different vantage point from which to look at ourselves, relationships and the world around us. Art gives me a place to bring these together and examine life from the inside out.

My first series, “Intersecting Circles”, explored the way relationships create a new space as each human being goes out into the world and has individual experiences. Upon intersecting again, a new dimension and interaction is formed.  This either strengthens or, at times changes the dynamics, but always deepens the connection. My latest series "Countdown" continues to explore relationships as we go through life. Watching my children "take flight" has been exhilarating, terrifying and, at times overwhelming. Realizing how non-linear life can be, has inspired me to try and find that path and that order I sometimes need to hold on to. 

My paintings use found objects and old boxes intersecting with a painting to give the viewer a narrative that is 3-dimensional, as well. I have incorporated the theory of “spirit boxes” with the process of painting and collage. All these layers tell a story and combine all my passions of found object, painting and clay.

My sculptural work uses, found object and clay to create my narrative. Often the clay develops into a figurative piece, looking, again at my role in my life, as well as others.